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Federal National Council Elections 2023

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Our Experience and Expertise

Over the past two decades, we have led the way for accessible and secure online voting and election modernization. Trusted and certified by governments, institutions, agencies and organizations in over 30 countries, and compliant with GDPR and ISO 9001 and 27001 standards, our innovative solutions and software have transformed elections and decision-making processes worldwide.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Our election experts know the ins and outs of implementing online voting software and election technology in any kind of election or decision-making process. We will be with you during every step of the way to ensure that your needs are met and that everything runs smoothly.

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Electoral Events

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Secure online voting for any election

Invote, Scytl’s online voting platform, is equipped with all the necessary security measures to ensure the transparency and integrity of your election or decision-making process. The user-friendly interface streamlines election planning and makes casting ballots simple.

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Interested in how we equip our online voting solutions with robust security for full transparency?

Meetings & Assemblies

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Online Voting software for streamlining meetings and assemblies

Meeting Manager is an online voting platform tool designed specifically to make meetings and assemblies efficient and effective. Every process, from managing the agenda to casting votes and viewing results, can be easily managed remotely from any internet-connected device. Meeting Manager is equipped with all the tools you need to organize and execute a secure and transparent meeting, no matter where you are.

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Election Management

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The tools you need for secure and modernized government processes

Apart from online voting technology, we offer an array of solutions to secure and streamline every government process. From training poll workers and publishing final election results, to reaching out to citizens for input and perspective, we provide customized election software and management solutions to meet your government’s needs. All of our solutions are designed to provide you with greater efficiency and increased engagement, all while maintaining the highest levels of security.


A word from
our customers

“The team was very responsive, the platform was easy to use, and support was available quickly. The constant updates on voting turnout were very helpful for our internal process management.”

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Bianca Nelson, Global Program Officer

2020, Open Government Partnership

“Scytl’s commitment in ensuring our iVote System processes were secure and commitment in helping us deliver our promise of fully accessible and verifiable internet voting went far beyond our expectation.”

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Colin Barry, New South Wales Electoral Commissioner

2015, Australia

“The company has done a tremendous job in adapting its technology to the culture of our country.”

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His Excellency Tariq Hilal Lootah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for FNC Affairs

2019, United Arab Emirates

“Scytl’s products and expertise were instrumental in our journey to achieve an end-to-end verifiable online election in the 2022 Markham Municipal Election.”

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Kimberley Kitteringham, Clerk & Returning Officer, Legislative Services, City of Markham

2022, Canada