Innovation driven by research & security

Discover what our commitment to security research means for our solutions.
Scytl Research Team
Scytl Research Team


The highest levels of security and verifiability, built on the knowledge of leading experts


The Research & Security Team

Our Research & Security Team is dedicated to ensuring our online voting solutions and election technology take into account the most up-to-date security measures. They drive innovation at Scytl, guaranteeing that our solutions are cutting edge and equipped to face the security challenges of the modern world.

Scytl Research Team
Scytl Research Team


Research Publications

As a spin-off from a leading research group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, we remain deeply connected to academic research. Members of our R&S team have completed various PhD theses in the area of security as applied to online voting and have been publishing papers and articles on the subject for over 20 years.


Innovation Projects

The R&S team has been consistently involved in national and international projects focused on a variety of themes including digital government services, information security and preventing the spread of misinformation. They have also generated a number of proofs of concept reports to verify the capabilities of our solutions.

Scytl Research Team


Presentations & Talks

Our commitment to research is partnered with our mission to spread awareness and knowledge related to online voting technology. In this regard, our R&S team has participated in numerous conferences and given a number of presentations and talks on all aspects of security, verifiability and transparency.


Real-world Examples

In order to highlight the benefits, challenges and best practices of implementing online voting solutions and election technology, our R&S team has authored a number of reports and studies on elections where the technology was used, as well as on standards and statements related to its use. These studies offer clarifications, insights, and recommendations.


How-to Guides

Our online voting solutions are backed by robust security measures for every step of the process. Our R&S team has detailed documentation available that walks through how we use digital certificates, audit elections, and encrypt ballots, among other topics.


Certified & Audited

Our solutions have been certified and audited by a number of government and security agencies worldwide. The R&S team also ensures that our technology is compliant with the most recent security standards, including GDPR and ISO27001.