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Scytl’s Research & Security Team is dedicated to ensuring our election technology and online voting software meets the highest standards. They drive innovation at Scytl, guaranteeing that our solutions are cutting edge and equipped to face the tech challenges of today and tomorrow.
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Scytl Research Team

Our Story

In 1994, Dr. Andreu Riera published one of the first European PhD theses in the field of secure electronic voting as part of a research group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) dedicated to designing cryptographic protocols for online voting. Their research gained new significance during the 2000 United States Presidential Election, when several problems during the ballot counting jeopardized trust in the election results.

All of these factors helped spawn Scytl, a company dedicated to providing secure and advanced technology, founded on research and experience, to meet modern day electoral challenges.


Advanced online voting software built on 20 years
of research and experience

Scytl Research Team


Passionate experts, pioneering solutions

Scytl’s Research & Security team is comprised of leading experts in the field of cryptography and election technology who are dedicated to our mission of powering democracy. Our researchers continue to publish papers and academic articles on online voting and election technology, remain engaged in national and international projects dedicated to the information security and digital transformation of elections, and work to raise awareness and build skills among the public through presentations and talks.


Ongoing research for future-proof solutions

Now with an eye toward the future, our team’s continued research ensures that Scytl’s solutions are ready to meet the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow. Always anticipating the latest advancements in technology, our solutions are guaranteed to be secure in the evolving cyber environment.

Scytl Research Team
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Elections in the digital era

Scytl has been leading the charge in leveraging technology to achieve accessible, convenient, and trustworthy elections for over 20 years. We pride ourselves not only on our secure and innovative technology, but also on our team of election experts, researchers, and scientists. For this reason, we have launched EDGE — a company blog aimed at giving a voice to the specialists behind the scenes at Scytl who make our pioneering election solutions possible.