April Blog Round-Up: Election Security, Voter Anonymity, and Implementing Online Voting

May 2, 2022

Over the last month, our election experts have been sharing insights on our company blogs. On EDGE, our research and security blog, Núria Costa, Cryptography Researcher at Scytl, tackled the ins and outs of voting anonymously online, highlighting the importance of mix-nets and homomorphic tallying. Núria also analyzed how we can vote securely from our own devices, using cast-as-intended verification and specially designed tools to ensure the security of our devices and the integrity of the ballots we cast through them.

On our corporate blog, our experts outlined the importance of cybersecurity for associations and wrote up a security checklist, detailing the security mechanisms that all online voting solutions should offer, and why they are necessary. We also discussed three important steps to introducing online voting in any organization, beginning with evaluating your current electoral situations and ending with allocating the necessary resources for making online voting a reality.

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