COFEN Brazil successfully runs their election with Scytl

Sep 25, 2014

Brazil’s Federal Council of Nursing (COFEN) successfully and securely run the election of their counselors entirely online for the first time in the council´s history. Scytl´s technology and online processes gave over 680,000 nurses, technicians and nursing assistants the possibility to participate in the electoral process simultaneously across the nineteen Brazilian states and the Federal District.
The election site channeled the over 368,000 accredited members who actively participated in the election to easily and securely cast their vote from any internet enabled device. The entire election was administered via the online voting technology provided by Scytl which was configured specifically to cater to the needs of each phase of the election: from the election announcement, through to planning, the actual voting and the secure consolidation and publication of the results. These results were efficiently and securely tabulated, audited and published in under 20 minutes after the closing of the election.
Brazil has a well-founded tradition of forward thinking public election processes, leveraging innovative and secure technology to take private sector elections to the next level is of extreme importance to help the country continue to lead a true democracy innovation transformation.
Full details on COFEN online voting success can be accessed here (English).

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