Continued increase of online voting adoption in University elections

Jul 9, 2013

June 24th saw the closing of the 2013 Statutory Committee elections at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). The organizers of the 25 elections held last month were “basque-ing” in the success of the online voting channel which saw a significant increase in participation of over 40%, well above the average for these types of elections.

The University’s focus and success in scientific and technological progress is well reflected in their selection of the most innovative online voting technology to run their elections.  Scytl Online Voting was deployed as the voting platform that enabled participants to cast their vote via recognized certificates (electronic ID cards and University identification amongst others) and a user and password combination. Key to the delivery of the project was a secure online voting platform backed by One Time Link /OTL remote id and password delivery, which not only improved past election security, it simplified logistics and provided significant cost savings (printing and postage fees for past physical id/password delivery).

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