Elections Nova Scotia Chooses Scytl as Online Voting Provider

Feb 15, 2023
  • The technology firm has won a contract to develop the Canadian province’s online voting solution.
  • With this new milestone, Scytl consolidates its position in Canada, where it has already provided its online voting technology to 1.2 million voters in the October 2022 Ontario municipal elections.


Barcelona, February 15, 2023– The independent body of Elections Nova Scotia, which is responsible for administering provincial elections in Nova Scotia, Canada, has chosen Scytl to develop the province’s first-ever online voting solution.

The technology firm won the contract after presenting a complete proposal that includes all of the services related to software development, IT infrastructure and hosting, as well as for training, support, and management of the online voting solution, which will be equipped with maximum-security measures.

Elections Nova Scotia’s Chief Electoral Officer Dorothy Rice said: “We are pleased to advance the development of this innovative voting method. We plan to take a carefully measured approach and are confident in Scytl’s ability to develop a secure online voting solution.”

Ben Fagg, Vice President of Business Development and Global Alliances at Scytl, said: “We are very excited about this joint venture with Elections Nova Scotia to work on a project of this magnitude. Canada is a key market for Scytl, and this alliance demonstrates our position as a leading provider of online voting in the region.”

The government of Nova Scotia made amendments to the Elections Act in 2021 to allow for the use of online voting technology, initially for members of the Canadian Armed Forces stationed outside the province on election day.


Elections Nova Scotia Online voting client Scytl


Innovation in Canada since 2014

Scytl has a long history in Canada, where it has helped municipalities in Ontario modernize their electoral experiences since 2014. In the recent municipal elections held in October 2022, Scytl provided its online voting technology and election services to 1.2 million voters.

Previously, in 2018, the firm’s online voting solution ensured the efficient, transparent, and timely publication of final results, with municipalities being able to complete the process in less than 10 minutes on average after the closing of polling stations.

Since 2006, the province of Ontario has pioneered the implementation of online voting technology in its municipal elections, experiencing continued increases in online voting adoption among its municipalities with each election cycle.

About Scytl Election Technologies

Scytl is leading the digital transformation and innovation of elections around the world. Its state-of-the-art technology, implemented with precision to guarantee the highest levels of security, transparency, and accessibility, has allowed more than 30 countries to trust in the knowledge and expertise of the company, protected by more than 50 international patents. Scytl is a subsidiary of Innovative Solutions Ecosystem SA, listed on the Spanish stock exchange (ISE.MC), and part of the Paragon Group. For further information about Scytl, visit www.scytl.com.

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