Elections Offices in 24 States Confidently Provide Citizens with Scytl Secure Election Technology for the 2022 Primary Elections

Oct 5, 2022

Scytl partnered with states, counties, and cities across the U.S. to inspire confidence in the 2022 Primary Elections from start to finish with our award-winning technologies – including Online Election Worker Training, Election Night Reporting, and Online Voter Education.

“Fulton County has partnered with Scytl for ENR for years, and the team is attentive and helpful, great to work with. Scytl ENR provides Fulton County voters with a modern and ADA compliant Election Night Reporting experience, and it is as easy to use as posting PDF results online.”
– Sherry Poland, Hamilton County, OH

“Scytl Online Training is definitely one of our top highlights… It’s easy to add users on the backend, and the assessments and reports give us confidence that every single poll worker is fully trained. The Scytl Online Training allowed us to hire poll workers up until the night before election day, knowing we had a way to ensure they were trained!”
– Nicole DiRado, Union County, NJ

2022 Primary Elections by the numbers:

  • Award-winning Scytl Election Night Reporting provides secure, real-time Election Night results that increase transparency, access, and are easily shared by voters, media, and candidates.
    • Consolidated election results for 6 states
    • Local results for 98 cities and counties in 16 states
    • Impacted more than 60 million registered voters
    • Learn more about Scytl Election Night Reporting here
  • Award-winning Online Election Worker Training provides online election training to build confident election workers, inspiring confident voters.
    • Election Workers trained state-wide in 3 states, as well as in 19 counties and 3 cities
    • Trained more than 13,000 election workers.
    • Impacted more than 26 million registered voters
    • Learn more about Scytl Online Training here
  • Award-winning Online Voter Education provides voters with essential voting information such as sample ballots, precinct and polling location look-ups, and more.
    • Increased access in 19 counties in 7 states
    • Impacted more than 5 million registered voters
    • Learn more about Scytl Voter Education here

About Scytl
Scytl partners with election offices to inspire confidence in US Elections. Our 20+ years of elections expertise and secure technology give election offices tools to increase transparency, security, and reliability, facilitating opportunities to increase confident democratic participation. Let us help your office inspire confident staff members, temporary election workers, and voters.

In the 2020 U.S. General Election, elections officials trusted Scytl with 9 statewide implementations and more almost 800 total U.S. counties, directly benefiting 78+ million voters.

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