Expediting voter check-in and same-day voter registration with Clarity ePollBook

Nov 28, 2013

As part of its voting efficiency strategy, the City of St. Anthony’s in Hennepin County, Minnesota conducted a successful pilot on November 5, which leveraged SOE´s Clarity ePollBook to expedite voter check-in and same-day voter registration.  ePollBook systems were set up at two polling places and were used by 10 poll workers who processed over 450 voters.

The pilot´s aim was to measure the efficiencies gained by introducing an ePollbook vs. traditional systems that require voters and election officials to manually enter information, a timely and error prone system. With SOE’s Clarity ePollBook, poll workers simply scan the voter’s driver’s license and the information automatically populates the electronic voter registration form. The voter then only needs to review the information and provide a signature to verify that it is correct.

Overall, the City of St Anthony was happy with the results of the pilot, was impressed with the staff and their willingness and efficiency in responding to last minute request.  In addition, according to poll workers that used the system in the City of St. Anthony’s pilot, even those without any prior computer experience found the system easy to use and were able to process voters quickly.

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