February Blog Round-Up: Online Voter Authentication, University Elections, and Green Decision Making

Mar 7, 2022

Over the last month, we have transitioned our corporate blog from Medium to our company website. Originally known as D3: Discover, Discuss, Decide, our corporate blog contains insights from our election experts on simplifying and securing your decision-making processes with online voting technology. In our most recent blog articles, we outlined everything that needs to be done in preparation for an online university election, as well as the environmental benefits online voting technology can have on your decision-making events.

Meanwhile, our Research & Security team continues to publish on EDGE, their blog dedicated to examining elections in the digital era. The team dedicated this month’s articles to online voter authentication. Alicia Ramón, our Electoral Consulting Director, wrote about the use of electronic identification in Europe and its implications for online elections, while Jordi Cucurull, Scytl’s Cryptography Researcher, highlighted the necessary factors in ensuring robust online voter authentication. Stay up to date on future EDGE articles by following us on Medium.

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