La Nouvelle-Galles du Sud franchit un nouveau pas en matière de vote par Internet et de transformation numérique

Barcelona, ​​May 6, 2019

  • At the 2019 State Elections in New South Wales, more than 60% of participants chose to vote online with the iVote® system, demonstrating the success of this initiative since 2011
  • Nearly one out of two voters used the dedicated official app to verify that their vote had been taken into account

In 2015, Internet voting reached unprecedented levels in New South Wales with more than 280,000 votes online during state elections using the iVote® system. This trend was confirmed in the 2019 elections in NGS, with 63% of voters voting online. Based on a technology developed by Scytl, the world leader in secure online voting solutions, the iVote® system continues to be the most accessible and advanced electronic tool of its kind for Internet voting solutions.

Thanks to Scytl, voters were able to exercise their right to vote in a secure, private and autonomous way. The solution has made the process much simpler in terms of accessibility, especially for people who are not near or absent from the state of New South Wales. Nearly two-thirds of the electors who spoke preferred to do so online rather than by correspondence, as is traditionally the case. The difference between this election and that of 2015 is significant, as there is a 58% increase in the choice of internet voting.

In addition, the iVote® system recently received an award at the Zero Project Conference held at the United Nations Office in Vienna and organized by the Essl Foundation, an organization dedicated to the defense of rights of persons with disabilities. Scytl and the iVote® system were rewarded for their ability to help voters with visual impairments, physical disabilities or lower literacy skills to vote without assistance and anonymity.

Scytl’s state-of-the-art security framework for the iVote® system also ensures integrity and protection by allowing voters to verify that their vote has been taken into account. Thus, malicious attacks can be detected and voter confidence in online voting increases. During this last election, nearly one out of two electors carried out this check via the dedicated official app, a very sharp increase compared to the 1.7% of 2015.

“We are very proud to be able to help the New South Wales Electoral Commission to encourage and facilitate voter turnout,” said Sam Campbell, Scytl’s Asia-Pacific Executive Director. “The efficiency and convenience of the system has pleased many voters. iVote® was preferred over a postal vote that did not suit some people. The fact that more and more people can not go to polling stations and turn to online voting clearly shows that technology is gaining ground.

Scytl’s systems and solutions provide a high level of security and integrity. Indeed, they are subjected to continuous and rigorous tests, to audits carried out by third parties and to a permanent control. New South Wales has unlocked the potential of these systems, and these systems have increased the effectiveness, transparency and security of the elections.


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Scytl is a global pioneer in the digital transformation of the election sector. Scytl’s online voting management technology has been the subject of more than 20 years of research and is protected by more than 40 international patents. Scytl solutions have been successfully implemented in more than 30 countries around the globe, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and Africa. South, India and Australia. Scytl, headquartered in Barcelona, ​​is supported by leading venture capital funds such as Vulcan Capital, Balderton Capital and Nauta Capital. For more information, visit our website: .


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