France, global leader in secure and verifiable online election excellence

Jan 13, 2015

Scytl announced the leverage of Scytl Online Voting to support the key milestone for global leadership and excellence reached by France for the adoption of secure and verifiable online voting with 3 ministries – Education, Foreign Affairs and Interior – strategically adopting the use of the online voting channel. The ongoing use of Scytl Online Voting in France is backed by the highest levels of security and verifiability together with extensive independent audits. In addition to the security best practices implemented in France, the focus on ensuring accessible voting for persons with disabilities and secure voting from devices (PC´s, smartphones, tables, etc.) has been key to the success of the adoption of the online channel by French voters.

Read more about French Voters with the process for secure, private and accessible online voting, resulting in an adoption rate of 65%.

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