French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use Scytl Online Voting in AFE elections

Dec 3, 2013

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be using Scytl Online Voting in the upcoming  Assemblée des Français de l’Etranger (AFE) elections in May 2014.  The solution will enable over 1.1 million French citizens from 130 electoral districts all over the world to cast their votes over the Internet to elect 444 delegates, who will then elect 12 Senators of the French Senate.

This is the 5th online election carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Scytl’s technology since their first use of online voting technology in 2009. The adoption trends of online voting vs. traditional channels continues to increase.  From a 9% adoption in 2009 to 65% in the latest Assemblée Nationale legislative elections in 2013, clearly demonstrating the increase in the use of the online channel as the preferred voting method.

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