Gearing up for US 2014 elections with Scytl election modernization technology

Jan 14, 2014

SOE (a Scytl company) election experts to meet with election officials on innovative electoral technology in key events across the country during the month of January. Gearing up for the US Primary and National elections in 2014, SOE will share insight on election management solutions to help election offices at the city, county, and state level increase and improve office efficiency, voter outreach, and public transparency through innovative online technology for the upcoming elections.

  • TAEA – Texas Association of Election Administrators
  • APJC – Alabama Probate Judge Conference
  • NYSECA – New York State Election Commissioners Association
  • OAEO – Ohio Association of Election Officials
  • CCCA – Colorado County Clerks Association

The main solutions to be presented include highlights of the SOE e-Election Platform: Clarity ePollBook, Clarity eBallot Delivery, Clarity Connect, Clarity ENR, Clarity Election Training and Clarity Voter Registration.

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