Election Training

Well-trained election workers, for efficient
and simple elections

Discover the online election training solution that ensures your election workers are equipped and ready to perform at their highest capacity on election day.
Election Training
Ensure that your election runs smoothly by offering a customized and interactive training course for your election workers based on their positions and duties. Track their progress and conduct post-election evaluations for greater efficiencies in the future.


Interactive online training, customized for your election

Election Training


Comprehensive training designed to keep you engaged

  • Audio, visual and multimedia content are utilized to maintain interest and focus.

  • Each course requires active interaction from participants, enhancing knowledge retention.

  • Trainees can access content from anywhere, at any time, on any internet-connected device.


Detailed training content for your specific election

  • Training courses are created for each position, ensuring trainees learn relevant information.

  • Easily upload your previous training manuals and create custom content based on your election specifics.

  • Our team of experts can assist in instructional design and creative content development.

Election Training
Election Training


Oversee every training process with ease and effectiveness

  • Assign specific lessons to trainees based on their position and electoral duties.

  • Monitor each trainee’s progress and verify that trainings have been completed prior to election day.

  • Receive reports to identify areas for continued improvement in the future.


Our team will be there with you, until your election workers are ready


Training election workers in just a few easy steps

Course Creation

Our team will assist you in determining your training objectives and will help create courses and design curriculum to ensure your election workers are ready on election day.

Online Training

Publish your curriculum and easily assign courses based on an election worker’s position and duties. You can also monitor the progress of each worker in real time.


Verify that each poll worker has completed their training, and that they have performed well. Conduct a post-election evaluation to identify key areas for improvement.


Secure election technology
for every step

Go beyond election training with these solutions.


Allow voters to securely cast ballots from anywhere, on any internet-connected device.


Quickly and accurately gather and tally ballots from any voting channel: online, paper, phone, and postal.

Election Night

Publish and display results online as soon as they are available, making them accessible to citizens and media.


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Election Training
Election Training
Election Training
Election Training