Efficiently tabulate results, whether online, paper or postal

Discover the results consolidation tool that quickly and securely aggregates results across any voting channel.
Results consolidation online voting scytl
Increase election efficiency and result accuracy through empowering election staff to securely and transparently transmit results from individual polling stations at local, regional, and national levels.


Accurate & Efficient Election Results

Results consolidation online voting scytl


Results you can trust, with the verification to prove it

  • Tally sheets from each polling station are securely transmitted with digital signatures to verify their validity and integrity.

  • The correctness of each tally sheet is verified and cross-checked prior to tabulation to avoid potential human error.

  • Immutable logs record every step of the process and can be audited by third parties.


Provisional results available in hours

  • The system is configured with your electoral model and election specifics ahead of time, so it’s ready to use when the ballots come in.

  • Support for any voting channel, including paper, postal, and online, as well as any combination of channels.

  • Once the data has been transmitted and collected, tabulation occurs in just minutes.

Results consolidation online voting scytl


Our team will be by your side, until your election results are official


Tabulating results in just a few easy steps

Results Consolidation 1 Online Voting Scytl Web

Input your election specifics, such as candidate names and party affiliations, to the platform. Our team will help configure the system with your electoral model to ensure correct tallying.

Results Consolidation Online Voting Scytl Web

After ballots are counted at polling stations or counting centers, the tally sheets are digitized, digitally signed, and securely transmitted to officials for final tabulation.

Results Consolidation Online Voting Scytl Web

After they are transmitted, each tally sheet is verified to ensure integrity and correctness. The tally sheets are then compiled, necessary formulas are applied for seat allocation, and final reports are generated.


Secure election technology
for every step

Go beyond results consolidation with these solutions.


Provide election workers with interactive online training material so they are ready for election day.


Allow voters to securely cast ballots from anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

Election Night

Publish and display results online as soon as they are available, making them accessible to citizens and media.


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