Increased online participation in 2013 French Legislative Elections

Jun 11, 2013

The 2013 French Legislative Partial Elections represents a significant increase in secure online participation:

  • Over 65.5 % of votes were cast electronically in 2013 vs. 55.5% in June 2012.
  • An impressive 73% of the votes in the US and Canada district were cast online.

On June 9, 2013  Scytl  closed the second and final round of the partial legislative elections in France to elect two members of the French National Assembly by the French citizens living in North America and Southeast Europe. This is the fourth election for which Scytl offered online voting to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The evolution and growth of voters who chose online voting over the other two traditional channels (polling stations and postal voting) reflects a clear and significant increase in online voting adoption: 8.7% in 2009, 17.6% in 2010, 55.5% in 2012 and 65.5% in 2013.

In February 2013, two member representatives of the French living abroad in the National Parliament were declared unfit to hold public positions due to irregularities committed with respect to the Campaigns’ Funding Law. To conduct the required re-election, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again used Scytl´s secure online voting platform.  The new Internet voting election for French citizens residing abroad was successfully carried out between May 15 and June 4. Residents eligible to vote were those enrolled in the electoral lists of districts No. 1 (Canada and United States) and No. 8 (Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, San Marino, the Holy See and Turkey).

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