January Blog Round-Up: Individual Verifiability, Security, Board of Directors Elections and Empowering Members

Jan 31, 2022

Our researchers and experts have recently shared valuable insights in their online voting blog articles. On EDGE, Cryptography Researcher Núria Costa discussed the fundamentals of Individual Verifiability in online elections, highlighting the different methods through which it is achieved. Meanwhile, our public policy researcher, Adrià Rodríguez-Pérez, wrote about Blockchain technology and whether it has a place in online voting systems, as well as the five most common attacks carried out against online voting technology, and how to prevent them.

On our D3 blog, we have been focusing on Cooperatives and Credit Unions, and how they can benefit from online voting. Our most recent articles detail how to conduct a Board of Directors election with an online voting channel, and how implementing the technology can help empower your members and increase participation.

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