July Blog Round-Up: Accessible Democracy, End-to-End Verifiability, and Effective Decision Making

Aug 5, 2021

Our two company blogs are full of helpful resources related to the elections industry and election technology. This past month, our Research and Security Team broke down End-to-End Verifiability in a simple and easy-to-grasp way, helping to make sure we can all understand why it is vital for an online voting system. They also tackled the topic of Accessible Democracy, and explored how elections technology has been and can be used to enfranchise voters with disabilities, allowing them to participate in elections privately and securely. You can find more interesting reads from our Research and Security Team on EDGE.

Meanwhile, on D3, our blog dedicated to online meetings and assemblies, our team offered our top tips for making effective decisions while holding meetings in a virtual or hybrid setting. Take a look to find out about choosing the right voting process for your event, as well as some key considerations when it comes to video streaming with event attendees.

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