June Blog Round-Up: Organizing Online Voting Events, French Elections, and Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Jun 30, 2021

Our two company blogs have had a few updates this past month with articles covering a range of topics related to online voting. On D3, we outlined the steps required to plan and organize an event with online voting technology for specific industries. From assessing bylaws related to election procedures, to creating an eligible voter list and calculating final results, you can learn more about how online voting can streamline any event for both universities, and for coops and credit unions. Be sure to keep an eye out for future articles specific to other industries, as well.

Meanwhile, on EDGE, our research and security experts explored zero-knowledge proofs, what they are, and how they are used to verify online voting elections. They have also provided an in-depth look at the recent French Consular Elections, which took place in late May and saw over 175,000 votes cast online from French citizens abroad. The article dives into the history of online voting use in France, and looks at what this most recent elections says about possibilities for the future.

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