Making Remote Voting in India a Reality

Jul 30, 2015

As the world´s largest democracy looks to address remote voting, Scytl shares insight and best practices on how to solve the challenges for secure, verifiable and transparent remote voting channels

During the 2 day conference “National Conference on Remote Voting” , aimed at leveraging the experiences gained by other countries while implementing the remote voting or electronic voting, Scytl was able to present the best practices amassed from over 10 years of experience delivering secure and verifiable remote voting including secure and verifiable online voting in Switzerland, France, Australia, Canada, India (Gujarat) and secure eBallot delivery in the USA.

India is the world´s second most populated country and the world´s largest democracy with a voting population of over 834 M potential voters. With a recent election participation of 66,4%, India´s voter turnout is the envy of many democracies where voting is not compulsory. Given the complex logistics and resources required to manage elections of this magnitude (ie: over 240,000 staff deployed during elections), election modernization processes such as remote voting that can help both in electoral efficiencies, voter turnout and engagement growth are key.

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