March Blog Round-Up: The Cost of Voting, Elections in the Metaverse, and Online Voting for Coops, Credit Unions, and Charities

Mar 31, 2022

Throughout March, our experts have been sharing insights on our EDGE blog, exploring all aspects of elections and online voting in the digital era. Alicia Ramón, our Electoral Consulting Director, examined the cost of voting and assessed whether online voting could result in more cost-effective elections. Meanwhile, Scytl’s Marketing and Communications Specialist, Jake Mahr, explored what holding an election in the metaverse could look like, and the challenges we would need to overcome in order to make this a viable voting alternative. To stay up-to-date with our EDGE articles, follow us on Medium.

On our corporate blog, our election experts discussed the differences between online voting solutions for elections and for meetings, and how cooperatives and credit unions can ensure they choose the right solution for their decision-making processes. We also highlighted the main benefits that charities can gain from implementing an online voting solution in their events.

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