May Blog Round-Up: Case Studies, Election Preparation, Cryptography, and GDPR

May 31, 2022

Our experts have been sharing insights and expertise all month long in their online voting blog articles. On our corporate blog, we walked through everything your members need to know before your online election, including how to vote and what happens once their ballots are cast. We also highlighted five different organizations who have implemented online voting technology, and discussed the benefits they gained from our solutions. Download the case study on each organization within the article to find out even more!

Over on EDGE, our Research and Security blog, Scytl’s Public Policy Researcher Adrià Rodríguez Pérez honored the anniversary of GDPR with an article about ensuring GDPR compliance in elections with online voting. Meanwhile, Jordi Cucurull, Cryptography Researcher at Scytl, outlined the different kinds of cryptography: conventional, quantum, and post-quantum. To stay up-to-date on all EDGE articles, be sure to follow us on Medium.

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