May Blog Round-Up: Student Engagement, Verifiability, and Online Voting in Spain

May 30, 2023

Our election experts regularly publish blog articles on a variety of topics. Find out what they discussed this month:

Corporate Online Voting Blog

On our Corporate Online Voting Blog, Jake Mahr (Phd) took a look at how an online voting channel can encourage student engagement in elections and voting processes at higher education institutions. With the increased accessibility and convenience of online voting, students are more likely to participate in key decision-making processes. These engaged students easily become engaged alumni, participating through the same online voting channel to help make decisions that will drive the institution toward achieving its goals.



EDGE: Elections in the Digital Era

On our Research & Security Team’s EDGE blog, Cryptography Researcher Tamara Finogina offered a summary of a recent paper she presented on mechanisms for ensuring coercion-resistant verifiability. While there are many ways to provide cast-as-intended verifiability to voters in online voting elections, most methods give the voters some amount of extra information about their vote, which can enable vote-selling or coercion. In her article, Tamara suggests possibilities for getting around this contradiction.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Researcher Adrià Rodríguez-Pérez (PhD) analyzed why online voting technology is not yet used in Spanish Elections, despite various other election technologies being implemented in recent events. Adrià discusses how current voting remote-voting processes, specifically postal voting, leave much to be desired, and offers insight into how online voting might overcome some of these challenges.

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