New South Wales leads the way in Internet Voting and eDemocracy Innovation

Mar 31, 2015

Given Australia´s history in leading the way in innovation, it is no wonder that the New South Wales 2015 State Elections have set a new record as the largest government binding online voting election worldwide.  Backed by the implementation of the world´s most advanced and proven security protocols, the staggering figures of over 280,000 online votes, an increase of 500% in adoption,  and praise from auditors, security experts and citizens, the iVote® System sets the standard for the world’s largest, most accessible and innovative internet voting implementation.

“Scytl´s commitment  in ensuring our iVote® System processes were secure and commitment in helping us deliver our promise of fully accessible and verifiable internet voting for the NSW 2015 State Elections went far beyond our expectation,” Colin Barry, New South Wales Electoral Commissioner.

Read full details on New South Wales Internet Voting.

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