New Valuable PHD Addition to Scytl Team of Electronic Voting Experts

Apr 21, 2016

Dr. Sandra Guasch, a key member of Scytl´s key R&D and cryptography team, has recently obtained her PhD degree on voter verifiability in electronic voting at the the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

Her thesis “Individual Verifiability in Electronic Voting” focuses on crucial security and verifiability topics:

  • Security and cryptography protocols which have an application in the real world of electronic voting.
  • Insight to an electronic voting systems surveys which provide voter verification functionalities, including those used in Norway and in New South Wales as well as that of the electronic voting protocol used in the Swiss Canton of Neuchâtel, that provides individual verifiability.
  • A syntax for modelling electronic voting systems providing voter verifiability, as well as the security properties of these schemes

An additional protocol which adds to individual verifiability allowing the online voting processes to be verified by third parties.

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