Over 1 Million Voters in Brazil use Scytl Technology for Secure and Innovative Elections

Brasilia, November 23, 2015Scytl, the worldwide leader in election modernization, online voting and eGovernance technology, announces the successful delivery of 3 Council fully online elections in October and November ensuing end-to-end security, auditability and accessibility. Over 1 million voters were able to securely and privately vote in online elections for the Federal Economic Council (COFECON, Federal Council of Pharmacists (CFF) and the Federal Accounting Council (CFC) leveraging the industry´s most secure and innovative election technology.

Scytl worked with the different Councils to take their initial election modernization efforts one step further. Innovation is not new to the CFC, which has now held four online elections. But this year, in addition to leveraging leading-edge secure online voting, over 30.000 voters were able to benefit from the implementation of online authentication via the integration of Digital Certification into the process.

“The use of Digital Certification provides even greater reliability to the election process, a goal that was successfully achieved,” says Aécio Prado, Vice President of CFC Operational Development. “For us, it is unthinkable to return to traditional on-site elections for the CFC. Online elections are the future,” he concludes.

And these three councils are not alone in their progress of innovative democracy. Online voting is a growing worldwide trend with other countries where Scytl Online Voting success milestones prove the maturity of technology and security:

  • Largest government online voting binding election: NSW Electoral Commission Australia, +280,000 online votes
  • Prior largest government binding election: Ministry of Foreign Affairs France, +240,000 online votes (previously the largest government binding election)
  • Largest public union online voting election: Ministry of Education France, +3 million online votes
  • Country with longest history in leverage of online voting for binding elections and consultations: Switzerland


About Scytl

Scytl is the global leader in secure election management, electronic voting and eGovernance solutions. Specializing in election modernization technologies, Scytl offers the first end-to-end election management and voting platform, providing the highest security and transparency standards currently available. Scytl has capitalized on its more than 18 years of research to develop election-specific cryptographic security technology protected by more than 40 international patents and patent applications, positioning Scytl as the company with the largest patent portfolio of the industry.

Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in over 40 countries across the globe over the last 10 years, including Canada, the United States, France, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the UAE, India, Iceland and Australia. Scytl is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with strategic offices in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Greece, as well as field offices in the UK, Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Australia. For more information, visit www.scytl.com.


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