Scytl Drives the New Implementation and Evaluation of Secure and Verifiable Online Voting Technology in the USA, Brazil, UK and Lithuania

Barcelona, August 13, 2015 – With the continued deployment of end to end secure and verifiable online voting, Scytl is driving the implementation of online voting elections and it´s evaluation in countries that are starting to use online voting as a complimentary channel to the traditional paper and postal voting channels.

Scytl online voting technology and the best practices – resulting from the successful implementation of online voting in 19 of the 21 countries running binding online elections – is leading the way in the roadmaps for countries implementing online voting channels while safeguarding the pillars of any free and fair election process, by providing strong voter authentication, voter privacy, individual and universal verifiability and election integrity.

With the evolution of online voting technology and the advanced security frameworks provided by Scytl, countries previously skeptical of the use of the online voting channel are now evaluating how the traditional voting channels can be partially, or in some instances, completely replaced with new technology:

  • North America, technology is mature and proven. “Arguably the next killer app for tech would be online voting. That’s a state and local issue, but I wondered whether you think that it’s something that should be a priority for technologists?” US President Barack Obama
  • Europe, increased popular support for the online channel. In the UK, the recent WebRoots survey found that 56% of the British public who are online support the inclusion of an online voting option in the upcoming EU referendum; in Denmark 80% of voters would vote electronically if they had the opportunity to do so; in Lithuania 56% support the use of online voting as an alternative channel.
  • Asia Pacific, adoption of online voting to help support disenfranchised communities. Australia leads the way in ensuring persons with disabilities are able to vote on equal terms as other citizens with key projects in New South Wales and Queensland.
  • Latin America, online voting channels helping increase participation. In the recent survey in Brazil, an 8.2% percent increase in total turn-out was tied back to the introduction of the online voting channel and helping mobilize citizens who otherwise would not actively engage in elections.

Recent Scytl online voting success milestones helping prove the maturity of technology and security of solutions include:

  • Country with longest history in leverage of online voting for binding elections and consultations: Switzerland


About Scytl

Scytl is the global leader in secure election management, electronic voting and eGovernance solutions. Specializing in election modernization technologies, Scytl offers the first end-to-end election management and voting platform, providing the highest security and transparency standards currently available. Scytl has capitalized on its more than 18 years of research to develop election-specific cryptographic security technology protected by more than 40 international patents and patent applications, positioning Scytl as the company with the largest patent portfolio of the industry.

Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in over 38 countries across the globe over the last 10 years, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the UAE, India, Iceland and Australia. Scytl is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with strategic offices in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Greece, as well as field offices in the UK, Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Australia. For more information, visit


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