Scytl improves results consolidation process in national elections in Libya

Tripoli & Barcelona, July 15, 2014Scytl, the worldwide leader in secure online voting and election modernization, today announced the successful support and expertise delivery for the results consolidation to the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) for the June 2014 Parliamentary Elections. The solution enabled the efficient publication of close to 100% of the results in a far shorter time frame than any previous election.

As Libya continues to move forward in its transition towards a transparent democracy and help regain disillusionment in the voting community, the HNEC is implementing election processes to reinstate a sense of security and transparency. As part of this transition towards democratic processes, Scytl has provided its support and expertise to ensure that the systems provided for election results re-enforces that sense of transparency by publishing results efficiently in the shortest time possible. With the backing of Scytl´s support, its flexibility and quick time to action in a relatively unstable political scenario, the HNEC has been able to process results in a shorter timeframe, as the system now supports the tabulation process ensuring no system delays, unlike in previous elections.

The HNEC required an updated and more efficient and transparent Results Consolidation solution.  The support provided by Scytl included updates to the existing tally center software that was locally developed in 2014 to respond to the new and specific requirements for the House of Representatives elections as well as support during the tabulation process.

During the June 2014 elections, 10.022 results forms were to be processed. The results consolidation support provided by Scytl allowed close to 100% of the results to be consolidated in only 2 days,  well under the time required to process and consolidate results in the previous elections (this included of course the time for transporting the result forms to the HNEC central offices and the corresponding manual processes).

“Though the appeal process is still under way with final results being published on July 20, the HNEC has been able to announce a successful, efficient and transparent results consolidation process for the June 2014 House of Representatives elections thanks to improved efficiencies provided by Scytl,” says Gilles Souche, Managing Director Middle East-Turkey and Africa at Scytl.

With the success in the June 2014 elections, Scytl will continue to work closely with the HNEC to provide additional functionality of the solution for ongoing use in future electoral events as soon as October 2014. In line with the HNEC goals, the updates to the results consolidation solution will be delivered with transparency and increased flexibility as top of mind. The system will enable an efficient set-up and administration process, without the need for significant programming expertise or expert technical knowledge and accommodate its use for different electoral events. The solution will be unique in that the results consolidation system where the flow of forms through the data entry processes is defined, while enabling a number of other parameters to vary providing maximum flexibility.

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