Scytl and Swiss Post Online Voting Solution First and Only in Switzerland to be Certified for 50% of Voters

Barcelona, August 22, 2017 – The online voting solution co-developed between Scytl and Swiss Post is the first and only solution in Switzerland to be certified for use for up to 50% of eligible voters. For the first time ever, online voting will be made available to up to 50% of voters in cantons using the Scytl and Swiss Post´s online voting solution. To date these cantons include Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Basel-Stadt and Thurgau.

Until the recent certification, the online voting solutions approved in Switzerland were authorized for only 30% of the voting population. In order to increase the percentage of voters allowed to cast their vote electronically, the Swiss Federal Chancellery has established a set of strict and stringent guidelines that online voting solutions need to comply with. In compliance with these stricter regulations, Scytl’s and Swiss Post’s solution underwent the extensive examination by the responsible external certification bodies in regards to the security protocols, software, infrastructure and processes used. As a result, Scytl’s and Swiss Post’s online voting solution and services met the increased security and verifiability requirements, and can therefore be used for up to 50% of voters.

Gaining approval for the use of the online voting channel for up to 50% of voters is a first in Switzerland. Not only does it allow additional voters to benefit from the use of the online channel, it gives Swiss cantons and voters the highest security and verifiability levels ever used since the initial steps in online voting were taken 15 years ago.

Together with Scytl, Swiss Post is continuing to develop the online voting solution to fulfil the requirements for initial authorization for 100% of voters by 2018. In addition, by 2019, the Confederation wants to see online voting offered by a majority of cantons as a third voting channel alongside in person and postal voting.

Scytl’s and Swiss Post’s online voting solution is currently used by the cantons of Neuchâtel and Fribourg, with Basel-Stadt and Thurgau announcing the selection of the joint solution for upcoming elections. Thurgau plans to offer online voting first to Swiss voters residing abroad and in a second phase make online voting available to Swiss residents of select pilot municipalities.