The Municipality of Girona Upgrades Their Participatory Budget Consultations to Run 100% Online

Barcelona, July 13, 2016 –  The Municipality of Girona sees a 40% increase in citizens participation levels during its 2016 online participatory budgeting consultation according to  Scytl, the global leader in secure election management and online voting solutions. With a 75% uptake of the online channel in 2015 when both the new online and paper based channels were available, the City Council opted to best leverage the efficiency of the channel and the participation accessibility it gives its citizens.

Scytl Online Voting was first deployed in Girona in 2015 and provided its citizens an alternative channel to the traditional paper based voting. The results were an astounding success with 75% of participation coming through the new online channel. In 2016 participation more than doubled that of 2014 where the only voting channel available was paper voting.

The new online participatory budget consultation took place in June and invited citizens of Girona to select which of the 92 projects assigned to their corresponding neighborhood they wanted to prioritize. To support citizens with little expertise with online technology, on June 4th, the City Council opened 10 electoral colleges across all neighborhoods to allow citizens to vote online with assistance via onsite kiosks.

The consultation was customized down to the neighborhood level, ensuring citizens could vote for those projects that affect the specific area they live in.  During the voting period, citizens were able to securely and comfortably vote anywhere from the device of their choice (computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets) at a time and date that was convenient for them. This confirms that securely and efficiently embracing the channels citizens use on a daily basis have helped ensure the consecutive success of this consultation.

“For the second consecutive year, the citizens of Girona have expressed their trust in the online channel for participatory processes. The successful deployment of the online channel and the significant increase in participation encourages us to continue leveraging the use of innovative tools like online voting in the years to come,” concludes the Deputy Mayor and Councilor of Finance and Internal Affairs, M. Ángeles Planas.


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