US State Primary Elections Continue to Leverage Enhanced Reporting Technology from Scytl

Tampa, September 19, 2016Scytl, the worldwide leader in election modernization and online voting solutions announces an additional 2.5 million registered voters leveraged the benefits of secure and scalable election modernization technology. Election Officials across 6 jurisdictions in Florida provided voters and political audience real-time access and visualization of the 2016 State Primaries election results. This raises the tally to date to over 27 million voters leveraging Scytl technology during the 2016 US Presidential Primaries.

“Scytl’s technology helped our office post results online in a timely fashion. Streamlined processes and impeccable support are just some of the reasons why we selected all of Scytl’s solutions,” says Kathy Dent, Supervisor of Elections, Sarasota County.

With the increased attention towards the battleground race for seats in the US House and Senate, real-time and instant access to election results during the August 30th primary was of key significance. Scytl Election Night Reporting provided audiences across 6 Florida counties (Miami-Dade, Pinellas, Palm Beach, Sarasota, Martin and Osceola) secure and real-time online access, catering to the scalability required for added interest and online access to election results.

In addition to the support in election results publication in Florida, Yuma County (Arizona) successfully leveraged the newly upgraded Scytl Election Night Reporting technology enabling voters to customize their experience tracking the specific races and detailed precinct data on the results for their State Primary Election.

“We were left in a bind at the last minute. Our previous Election Night Reporting (ENR) was unavailable and we had just 3 weeks to come to a solution,” explains Kevin Tunell, Communications Director, Yuma County Arizona. “Scytl stepped up to the plate and had us up and running in time for the election. Not only that, our ENR has never looked better. The technology and support were unexpected. I’m still getting compliments from the public and inquiries from counties from across the State asking, ‘How did you do that?’”

Scytl Election Night Reporting’s features strengthens the autonomy for election officials to quickly upload results on election night and provides:

  • Results visualization: customized and user friendly visualization of election results for citizens.
  • Reporting configuration: intuitive design and configuration for election officials.
  • Scalability: to support multiple on-going elections for jurisdictions of any size.
  • Support: backed by staff with years of experience working directly with election officials

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Scytl is the global leader in secure election management and electronic voting solutions. Specializing in election modernization technologies, Scytl offers the first end-to-end election management and voting platform, providing the highest security and transparency standards currently available. Scytl has capitalized on its more than 18 years of research to develop election-specific cryptographic security technology protected by more than 40 international patents and patent applications, positioning Scytl as the company with the largest patent portfolio of the industry.

Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in over 42 countries across the globe over the last 10 years, including Canada, the United States, France, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the UAE, India, Iceland and Australia. Scytl is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with strategic offices in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Greece, as well as field offices in the UK, Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Australia. For more information, visit


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