November Blog Round-Up: Voter Authentication, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and the Ontario Municipal Elections

Dec 2, 2022

Our researchers and election experts covered a variety of topics in our online voting blog articles this month. On our corporate blog, we looked at how online voting solutions can integrate with a university’s internal authentication system, streamlining voter authentication and increasing the accessibility of university elections.

On EDGE, our Research & Security Blog, Cryptography Researcher Jordi Cucurull (PhD) analyzed the capabilities of biometric technologies and their potential place as an authentication tool in online elections. Meanwhile, Jake Mahr, Scytl’s Communication and Marketing Specialist, reviewed the recent Ontario Municipal Elections, discussing the history and current state of online voting use in the province. Finally, Cryptography Researcher Tamara Finogina shared some insights on a paper she is presenting at the NordSec 2022 conference, examining how we can ensure deniability for certain online election processes while maintaining peak usability.

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