December Blog Round-Up: U.S. Midterm Elections and Online Voting for Universities

Jan 4, 2023

Take a look at the Online Voting blog articles our election experts wrote throughout December:


Corporate Online Voting Blog

On our corporate blog, we examined how universities can benefit from implementing a dedicated online voting solution.

Let’s imagine that the spring quarter is approaching, and your university is gearing up for a series of voting events. Your Academic Senate and Student Government will be electing new representatives for the coming academic year, and the university administration wants to issue a survey to learn more about student, faculty, and staff needs. With the number of generic voting, polling, and surveying tools available online, you may wonder how your university can benefit from its own dedicated online voting system.


Do Universities Need Dedicated Online Voting Solutions? Scytl Online Voting Blog



All in all, it comes down to security and efficiency. While there are basic tools available for polls and surveys, nothing comes close to the security and efficiency guaranteed by a state-of-the-art system designed by true election experts.


EDGE: Elections in the Digital Era

Meanwhile, on our Research & Security Team’s EDGE Blog, Adrià Rodríguez-Pérez, PhD and Senior Public Policy Researcher at Scytl, analyzed the use of election technology in the United States historically and during the recent Midterm Elections.

While there are many assumptions surrounding the use of election technology in the U.S., and specifically about the casting and counting of ballots through electronic voting machines, the truth is that the vast majority of ballots are still cast through paper-based systems. In fact, online voting has never been used outside of small pilot programs in the U.S., and when e-voting machines are used, VVPATs are often implemented for added verifiability.

In the end, during the 2022 mid-term elections and previously, election technology has been the most impactful outside of the voting process itself, helping make voter registration, election communication, poll worker training, and results tabulation and reporting more efficient, convenient, and secure.




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