February Blog Round-Up: Student Government Elections, Sustainability, and Cryptographic Keys

Feb 23, 2023

Let’s take a look at some of the recent online voting blog articles from our election experts:


Corporate Online Voting Blog

Over on blog.scytl.com, we continued to analyze the benefits that online voting technology can bring to university elections. First we discussed how an online voting solution can help universities organize and manage elections with greater efficiency, requiring less time and fewer resources.

Online Voting blog article about Greater Election Efficiency with Online Voting for Universities

We also examined how student governments specifically can leverage an online voting system. Allowing students to vote online is one of the best ways to increase participation in student government elections, which ensures a student government is truly representative of the student body. 

Online voting blog article about online voting for student governments


EDGE: Elections in the Digital Era

Meanwhile, on our Research & Security blog, Scytl Cryptography Researcher Núria Costa (PhD) detailed the processes for properly managing cryptographic keys when it comes to online voting and elections. Cryptographic keys are crucial elements when talking about the security of online voting systems. Sensitive operations such as signing ballots require these keys in order to be executed, so if they become compromised, they could endanger the entire security of an online voting system. For this reason, it is very important to properly define and document how these keys are managed throughout their lifecycle.

Cryptography Researcher Jordi Cucurull (PhD) then took a look at how digital democracy can help increase election sustainability. Traditional paper-based elections require many resources that result in significant CO2 emissions and wasted resources. The use of digital technologies can greatly decrease the impact elections have on the environment.

Finally, in a slight change of topic, Jake Mahr (PhD), our Marketing and Communication specialist, recently defended his doctorate thesis as part of his PhD degree in Communications and Media Studies. To honor this achievement and to celebrate academic pursuits in all their forms, Jake has written a brief summary of his research project on representations in alternative and do-it-yourself media.

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