March Blog Round-Up: Source Code Publication, Auditing, and Voting Online at Universities

Apr 3, 2023

Discover some of our recent online voting blog articles, written by our very own election experts:

EDGE: Elections in the Digital Era

On EDGE, our Research & Security Blog, Cryptography Researcher Jordi Cucurull (PhD) wrote about the different processes for testing and auditing online voting systems. Jordi discussed what is known as a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC), a set of procedures devoted to producing high quality code with a minimum number of issues. A S-SDLC typically comprises all the phases of the lifecycle of a software and defines the security measures required to produce secure software from the very beginning.


Pau Muñoz (Software Architect), Oscar Cortés (Technology Director), and Jordi Puiggalí (CSO & SVP of Research & Security) also wrote an article related to auditing. This time, they focused on the practice of source code publication and the development of reproducible builds, which allow auditors to be sure that the source code they audited is the same as the source code being used in a given election.


Corporate Online Voting Blog

Meanwhile, Jake Mahr (PhD), Marketing and Communication Specialist at Scytl, reviewed the process of integrating an online voting tool with university intranet systems. Doing so allows voters, whether students, faculty, or staff, to access the online voting portal through a familiar platform, and using the single sign-on capabilities of the intranet. All in all, online voting can lead to more efficient university elections with increased engagement. To learn more about online voting in higher education, you can visit our corporate blog!


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