Online voting trends on the rise in 2013 Norwegian parliamentary elections

Sep 10, 2013

Given the positive experiences from the 2011 election, the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional, has once again leveraged Scytl Online Voting to enabled internet voting in 12 selected municipalities for the 2013 parliamentary elections. As in 2011, the internet voting channel supplements the traditional paper ballot voting channel during the advance voting period.
The uptake and trends in the online voting channel have shown significant growth, were higher than expected, and are a clear indication of the acceptance of the internet as a preferred voting channel. Though there will still be a few additional votes to be added to the final advanced voting tally, the initial statistics are as follows:
Advanced voting via the online channel figures 2013 vs. 2011
• 75% increase in advanced online voting
• 3 out of 4 who voted in advance did so via the internet
Overall advanced voting figures 2013 vs. 2011
• 60% increase in advanced voting on paper and online
• 23% of the country voted in advance

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