Online Voting Verifiability Technology at the 2018 E-Vote-ID Conference

Oct 4, 2018

During the International Conference on Electronic Voting taking place from October 2 to 5 2018 in Bregenz, Austria, Scytl shared industry best practices with online voting experts and academics regarding the implementation of secure, transparent, auditable and verifiable online voting processes.

In this year’s edition, Jordi Puiggali, Scytl’s CSO and SVP Research & Security, presented the paper on the Swiss experience entitled “Defining a national framework for online voting and meeting its requirements” where Jordi describes Switzerland’s online voting regulation framework and analyzes how it has been deployed during the last years, becoming the main reference for introducing internet voting.  Jordi also explained the evolution plans of different voting systems with their main benefits and illustrated some future steps that the Swiss government may consider taking to further implement its strategy. Scytl also showcased its latest online voting innovations during a demo session, presenting different individual verification and tally mechanisms.

The eVote ID conference is the annual leading international event for e-voting which gathers election technology experts from all over the world.

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