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Online Voting for Corporations
Online Voting for Corporations

why online voting

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Our online voting systems make planning and organizing any type of corporate election or decision-making process simple, with just a few easy steps. Whether you are electing a board of directors, a works council, or distributing an employee survey, our solutions can be reconfigured to meet your needs, reducing costs at every turn. Our team of election experts will also be right by your side, helping you manage every step of the process for a smooth and successful event.

the process

What it takes to run an event with online voting for corporations

Corporations may hold regular elections for a board of directors or works council, and may vote on certain decisions during an Annual General
Meeting (AGM). A company might also want to conduct employee surveys in order to gain further insight on a particular topic. Luckily,
implementing online voting software follows a similar process, regardless of election or vote type.

Is online voting allowed in your corporation?

Corporations often have bylaws that dictate how elections can be run. Prior to planning your online voting process, ensure that your corporation’s bylaws allow for the use of online voting technology. This may not be necessary for something like an internal survey.

How can you update your bylaws?

If the use of online voting technology is not allowed in your corporation’s bylaws, you may need to conduct a vote or petition the board of directors to amend the regulations. This process is also typically detailed in the bylaws.

Creating an up-to-date
participant list

In an online voting process, your eligible participant list will need to be accurate and complete with participants’ information so that they can receive the necessary materials for voting online. This information often includes an email address and/or telephone number, as well as an ID number, which can be affiliated with your corporation.

Sending the voting credentials

When the participant list is complete, each participant will receive their credentials for securely logging on to the voting portal via email or SMS. Our experienced team will help you through this part, so you have nothing to worry about.

Generating the online ballots

Before the election, you will also need to create the ballots or surveys. Different groups of participants, such as employees from different branches or departments, might also require separate ballots. Thanks to our solutions’ streamlined designs, though, this doesn’t take much time at all.


When the voting period is open, participants can log on to the voting portal using their previously sent credentials. Voting is as easy as choosing your preferred candidate or option, confirming your choice, and casting your ballot.

Calculating results

After the voting process, each ballot is securely decrypted, preserving each participants’ anonymity (unless otherwise specified), and is automatically counted. Results can then be verified by the election committee and published online.

the election

Every step of the voting process can be verified by third-party auditors, if necessary. Participants can also individually verify that their ballot was correctly cast by using a voting receipt sent to them just after voting.


What your corporation stands to gain

How can our technology meet your electoral needs?
Online Voting for Corporations
Simplified Voting Processes

With various election types that may involve participants at different levels, from different locations or in different segments, online voting for corporations needs to be flexible and easy-to-manage. Our technology simplifies the entire process, saving time and reducing unnecessary complexity, and integrating easily alongside paper voting channels.

Online Voting for Corporations
Live Voting Capabilities

While employees may fill out surveys over weeks, voting processes at AGMs, for example, occur in just a few hours. Our online voting software seamlessly allows for live participation from both remote and in-person voters, meaning results are available immediately.

Online Voting for Corporations
Sustainable Resource Use

Printing ballots for each election, vote and survey is costly and heavily reliant on paper resources. An online voting system minimizes waste, decreasing your carbon footprint and increasing cost savings.

Online Voting for Corporations
Guaranteed Electoral Security

Our online voting software is equipped with the highest security measures to ensure election integrity and voter privacy at every step. Each voting process is also completely verifiable, solidifying voter trust with the heightened transparency.


Online voting for corporations
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We know that each election is unique and comes with its own set of needs and challenges. With over 20 years of experience with elections of all kinds, all sizes, and all complexities, our team of qualified election experts is ready to help you organize an efficient, accessible and secure online voting election. We will be with you every step of the way, right from the beginning. So, ready to get started?

Online Voting for Corporations