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Our online voting systems are backed by advanced cryptographic measures to protect election integrity and auditability, as well as voter privacy at all times. During the election, voters can participate from any location and on any device connected to the internet, and disabled voters can access the system using their adaptive technology, increasing overall election accessibility. Our team of experts, with over 20 years of experience with the intricacies of introducing and implementing an online voting channel in government elections, will ensure that our technology is meeting your needs every step of the way.

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What it takes to run an election
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Governments require rigorous security measures and advanced transparency and auditability features to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of their elections. Our online voting software offers the highest security standards on the market and is customized to meet your specific election needs, and our experienced team will be right there with you to help you get ready for election day.

Is online voting allowed in your electoral code?

Governments often have specified laws that dictate how elections can be run, including the methods by which voters can cast ballots. Prior to planning your online voting election, ensure that your electoral code allows the use of online voting technology.

How can you update your elections laws?

If the use of online voting technology is not allowed in your electoral code, you will need to undergo an amendment or reformation process. This process varies depending on the government body and is typically detailed within the election laws.

Deciding who can vote online

While you may decide to allow all eligible voters to vote online, most governments phase in online voting by first allowing only certain voters to cast online ballots. These voters might be people with disabilities, those living abroad, or early voters.

Updating the voter list

When you have determined
who can vote online, you will then need to ensure that your voter list is up-to-date so voters can receive the materials they need to access the voting platform. This usually requires a street address for each voter, and can include electronic ID numbers, if in place.

Transparency and outreach

Clear communication regarding the online voting process is vital. Instructions and information should be made readily available to all citizens. Candidate and campaign information can also be easily disseminated through the online voting platform.


When the online voting period is open, eligible voters can log on to the voting portal using unique credentials sent to them prior to the election. Each ballot is encrypted directly on the voter’s device, preventing any tampering, and is securely transmitted to the digital ballot box.

Calculating results

After the election, each ballot is securely decrypted, preserving the voters’ anonymity, and is automatically counted. Solutions can also be implemented to ensure efficient consolidation of paper and postal votes, as well. Results can then be verified by the election committee and published online.

Verifying the election

Thanks to immutable logs, every step of the voting process can be verified by third-party auditors. Voters can also individually verify that their ballot was correctly cast and counted using voting receipts and an official election app or QR code. If desired, the online voting system’s source code can also be published for review.


Security & innovation with online voting for governments

How can our technology meet your electoral needs?
End-to-End Election Security

Each ballot is encrypted directly on the voter’s device before being transmitted to protect voter privacy, and is digitally signed to verify each voter’s eligibility. The ballot remains encrypted until it is shuffled, and the digital signature is removed. This means ballots cannot be tampered with, and that voter anonymity is preserved at all times.

Multi-Channel Integration

Invote is easily integrated with any other voting channel already in use, whether it be paper, postal, or phone voting. It’s also possible to offer online voting as a channel to only certain voters, such as those living abroad or people with disabilities, and online votes can be efficiently consolidated with paper ballots.

Increased Accessibility & Sustainability

Voters can cast ballots from their own personal devices and with their adaptive technology, making an online channel particularly useful for remote and overseas voters, as well as for people with disabilities. An online voting system also reduces your reliance on paper resources and materials.

Complete Transparency

Each online voting election is individually and universally verifiable. Voters can verify that their ballot was correctly cast and counted, and third-party auditors can use immutable logs to review every step of the online voting process and verify the results.


Online voting for governments with complete security and full transparency


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Provide election workers with interactive online training material so they are ready for election day.


Quickly and accurately gather and tally ballots from any voting channel: online, paper, phone, and postal.

Election Night

Publish and display results online as soon as they are available, making them accessible to citizens and media.


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