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Online Voting for Political Parties
Online Voting for Political Parties

why online voting

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Online voting for political parties makes planning and organizing any election or member consultation simple, with just a few easy steps. During the voting period, members can participate from any location and on any device connected to the internet, helping to boost participation. Our team of election experts will also be right by your side, helping you manage every step of the process for a smooth and successful event.

the process

What it takes to run a vote with online voting for political parties

Political parties hold regular elections or member consultations for a variety of leadership positions, including party officers and committee chairs, as well as for nominees to various government positions. Some parties also hold votes for making internal decisions about party strategy and organization. No matter the vote type, though, implementing online voting software follows a simple process.

Is online voting allowed in your political party?

Political parties often have bylaws or rules that dictate how elections and consultations can be run. Prior to planning your online voting process, ensure that your political party allows the use of online voting technology.

How can you update your bylaws?

If the use of online voting technology is not allowed in your political party’s bylaws, you may need to conduct a vote or approach leadership to amend the regulations. The amendment process is also typically detailed in the bylaws.

Creating an up-to-date
voter list

In an online vote, your voter list will need to be accurate and complete with voters’ contact information so that they can receive the necessary materials for voting online. This information often includes a street address, email address and/or telephone number.

Sending the voting credentials

When the voter list is complete, each voter will receive their credentials for securely logging on to the voting portal via postal mail, email, or SMS. Our experienced team will help you through this part, so you have nothing to worry about.

Generating the online ballots

Before the vote, you will also need to create the ballots. Depending on the type of vote, you may need to create multiple ballots based on voter groups, like local chapters, for example. Thanks to our solutions’ streamlined designs, though, this doesn’t take much time at all.


When the voting period is open, participants can log on to the voting portal using their previously sent credentials. Voting is as easy as choosing your preferred candidate or option, confirming your choice, and casting your ballot.

Calculating results

After the voting process, each ballot is securely decrypted, preserving the voters’ anonymity, and is automatically counted. Results can then be verified by the election committee and published online.

the election

Every step of the voting process can be verified by third-party auditors, if necessary. Members can also individually verify that their ballot was correctly cast by using a voting receipt sent to them just after voting.


What your political party stands to gain

How can our technology meet your electoral needs?
Online Voting for Political Parties
Streamlined Voting Processes

With votes for multiple leadership positions or nominees, and with various internal decision-making processes, political parties need a reusable and easy-to-manage voting solution. Our technology simplifies the voting process and integrates easily alongside paper voting channels to save time and to streamline every event.

Online Voting for Political Parties
Live Voting Capabilities

Our online voting systems not only easily consolidate early online absentee ballots, but also allow for live participation from both remote and in-person voters, seamlessly integrating with political party conventions or assemblies. Our solutions can also operate alongside paper and postal voting methods.

Online Voting for Political Parties
Increased Membership Engagement

As with governments, political parties often face the challenge of voter apathy. Offering your members an accessible platform in which they can participate from anywhere not only encourages participation, but also piques the interest of younger generations.

Online Voting for Political Parties
Guaranteed Electoral Security

Our online voting software is equipped with the highest security measures to ensure election integrity and voter privacy at every step. Each voting process is also completely verifiable, solidifying member trust with the heightened transparency.


Online voting for political parties
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We know that each election is unique and comes with its own set of needs and challenges. With over 20 years of experience with elections of all kinds, all sizes, and all complexities, our team of qualified election experts is ready to help you organize an efficient, accessible and secure online voting election. We will be with you every step of the way, right from the beginning. So, ready to get started?

Online Voting for Political Parties