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Our teams work collaboratively to ensure the success of our solutions and to further our mission of making elections secure, accessible, and trustworthy. Find out where you fit in!


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Our Problem Solvers

Our Operations team is made up of passionate engineers and analysts who thrive on solving technical challenges and strive for innovation. Motivated by making a difference and having a lasting impact on elections worldwide, they are proactive, adaptable and resilient in working toward improving election technology. Endeavoring to find creative solutions to complex challenges, they help keep the engine running, ensuring that our products and the ways we work are efficient and effective.


Our Brainy Bunch

Research into online voting and election security is the reason Scytl exists, so our Research & Security team are central to everything we do. Made up of some of the smartest people we know, our team of renowned experts tackles innovative and multidisciplinary research on advanced and emerging technologies applied to elections and remote electronic voting, including post-quantum cryptography, self-sovereign identities, biometrics, blockchain, and more!


Our Solution Finders

Thanks to our Operations and Research & Security teams, we have some pretty amazing products and solutions. Now it’s the job of our Sales, Pre-Sales and Marketing teams to take these solutions into the world, helping governments and all kinds of organizations overcome their electoral challenges. These teams are formed by success-driven professionals who strive to help people, governments, and organizations alike by finding the perfect solution to fit their needs.


Our Double Checkers

Scytl’s Finance and Legal teams are comprised of expert number crunchers and legal wizzes. Our Legal team works closely with management to ensure that everything we do is compliant with current laws and regulations. Meanwhile, our Finance team helps make sure that all of our finances are in order so that we can do what we set out to do since the beginning: revolutionize democracy.


Our Culture Creators

Our HR team is our backbone, supporting everything we do by making sure our teams are filled with qualified and passionate experts, and that those experts have everything they need to succeed. Our Human Resource specialists are motivated by helping others and creating a positive and encouraging work environment. They are a go-to resource for all of our team members, helping us work efficiently and effectively, together.