Peter Garside joins Scytl as General Manager Asia Pacific

Jan 21, 2013

Peter has recently joined Scytl to head up the Scytl business activities in Asia Pacific. Based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Peter will establish and grow an organization that spans a territory comprising almost 3.5 billion citizens, stretching from Pakistan in the west, to China in the east and New Zealand to the south. Peter is a graduate of the London Business School and has held senior management positions in a number multi-national companies, including IBM, AT&T, Philips & HP. Having lived in Asia for 11 years, Peter has a unique appreciation of the challenges faced by the 21 countries making up the territory, each of which is at a different stage of development. Peter has worked in a variety of industry verticals including defense, telecommunications, medical systems, on-line transaction processing, business process outsourcing, homeland security and biometrics. A new Regional Office, based in Kuala Lumpur is currently being established with operations scheduled to begin before the end of February. Shortly thereafter the regional organization will begin to expand, concentrating initially on a small number of key markets but with sufficient capacity to address one-off opportunities arising across the territory.

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