Portugal’s national Lawyer professional association at the forefront of digital transformation with Invote

Jul 11, 2018

Portugal’s national Lawyers association has successfully used online voting for the first time to elect its Board of Directors. The solution, Invote, implemented by Scytl in partnership with AskBlue, has stimulated an unparalleled participation of over 31.000 attorneys.

According to the Chairman of the Bar Association, Guilherme Figueiredo, “the use of the solution was a pleasant surprise, due to the ease of use and the high level of voter support registered”. He added that, “everything went very well, and after this experience nobody will want to go back to the paper process.”

Online Voting aimed at facilitating access to voting and stimulating the national participation of all lawyers in the election, while ensuring the integrity and security of a process usually carried out in person. Invote implemented a unique, patented cryptographic protocol that, combined with physical and logical security measures, provided the electronic voting process with the highest security levels currently available.

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