SCYTL’s Quality Policy is explicitly formulated by the General Director and is detailed below:


Quality Policy

As a leading technology company in the electoral field, we are committed to providing secure and flexible solutions for all types of electoral processes (public elections, referendums, citizen consultations, union elections, voting in anual general meetings, etc.) with the same guarantees of security, privacy and reliability of traditional paper-based electoral processes, and with the advantages offered by electronic systems: accessibility, flexibility and speed in the counting of votes.


Our Objectives

  • Consolidate and reinforce our leading position in the market as a provider of secure and reliable electoral technology.
  • Increase citizen confidence in electoral processes, improving the security and integrity of these processes.
  • Research and develop cryptographic protocols to preserve vote integrity and voter privacy, ensuring the accuracy of results and facilitating individual voter verification of the inclusion of their votes in the final tally.
  • Protecting the innovative aspects of our technology through patents worldwide.


Our Commitments

  • To meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations on every project.
  • To continuously improve our processes and technology to ensure that it responds appropriately to stakeholder needs and meets their requirements at all times.
  • Communicate throughout our organization on the importance of complying with this Quality Policy.
  • Ensure that the quality objectives that are set for each year are based on the overall objectives defined in this policy and do not violate the context of the organization.
  • Review the quality policy at least once a year.
  • Allocate the human and material resources necessary to achieve the proper implementation and evolution of the defined quality system.


The General Director establishes this Quality Policy with the conviction that it is adequate to the needs of SCYTL and that it serves as a frame of reference to the Quality Objectives, with the purpose of ensuring that all requirements are satisfied and that the necessary means are established for continuous improvement, to communicate and facilitate its understanding by the whole company, and for its continuous updating.