Reflecting on 2019: Milestones and Highlights

Jan 10, 2020

With countless successful projects around the world, 2019 shaped up to be a spectacular year for Scytl. Secure election night reporting delivered results from 28 countries, in 24 languages, in under 10 minutes during the European Union parliamentary elections. Scytl’s electronic kiosk voting was also implemented during the United Arab Emirates third fully-electronic parliamentary election, providing preliminary results of the +117,500 ballots cast in under 13 minutes. In the United States, 25 million voters from more than 400 U.S. counties benefited from Scytl secure election solutions during the 2019 General Elections. Meanwhile, the Social Democratic Party of Germany made Scytl Online Voting available to all party members for the first time, and the Canadian municipality of Halifax conducted their first paperless election.

Beyond elections, Scytl also pioneered two novel transparency initiatives in Switzerland and Australia that are the first of their kind in the electoral industry, and Scytl’s team members traveled the globe presenting at conferences, including Web Summit 2019, the largest tech-focused event in the world. With all of these achievements and milestones, Scytl looks forward to innovating elections and powering democracy in 2020! Discover our 12 favorite experiences of powering democracy in 2019 here.

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