Scytl a key contributor to eVoting Inter-Trust pan-European project

Apr 22, 2013

Funded by the European Commission, the INTER-TRUST project is based on the development of a security framework capable of supporting applications and services within heterogeneous networks and devices. It relies on the execution of dynamic and interchangeable security policies, thus creating and integrating new protocols, API’s and programming techniques in order to obtain the solution for the interoperable security and privacy of the future.  To validate the project’s results, INTER-TRUST will use two critical, high-demand services. Scytl´s role is to act as a use case provider for the eVoting service, where they will play a major role together with other high level researchers and developers from academia.  The case studies will involve key European players and will perfectly illustrate the importance and cross-domain applicability of INTER-TRUST´s results and offer unique opportunities for their widespread exploitation.

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