Scytl and Idox Elections Provide Malta with Record-Breaking Election Technology

Jun 7, 2019

Scytl, in partnership with Idox Elections and the Electoral Commission of Malta, successfully implemented an Electronic Vote Counting Solution in the recent Maltese European Parliament election, making it the first time the country has used such technology. Through providing an e-training platform to instruct election staff on the proper use of the equipment, and by integrating Scytl’s immutable logs into the system, making the process auditable at every step, the Electronic Vote Counting Solution was able to tally a record-breaking 270,000 ballots in just a few hours.

The solution not only greatly reduced the counting time from the days it had taken in past elections, but also increased the efficiency and accuracy with which invalid votes were detected. More than 9,800 invalid ballots were flagged by the system, all of which were sent to the Electoral Commission for review. The solution’s success is in no small part thanks to the phased delivery of the product over the last 18 months, which ensured the secure, transparent, and efficient implementation of the e-counting system.

Read full details here.

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