Scytl Brazil continues an upwards trend in successful election delivery

Aug 4, 2015

Close to 1 million voters across all Brazilian states set to benefit from the use of  Scytl secure technology for both online voting and digital certification.

2015 started on a very positive note with the announcement of the successful use of Scytl´s digital certification technology for the identification of voters in Brazil, with additional private sector election leveraging Scytl technology. With three new strategic elections already lined up to leverage Scytl technology, the second half of the year looks extremely bright for the adoption of secure online voting in Brazil:

  • October will see the 45,000 voters of the Federal Economic Council (Cofecon) use Scytl online voting technology across all Brazilian states.
  • In November the Federal Accounting Council (CFC) will enable its 500,000 members spread across all of Brazil to participate in their elections online, safely and easily.
  • Also in November, over 200,000 members of the Federal Council of Pharmacists (CFF) will be eligible to elect their representatives using the Scytl’s online voting technology.

Read full details on Scytl Brazil upwards trend in successful election delivery.

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