Scytl Commemorates International Women’s Day 2023

Mar 8, 2023

Today is International Women’s Day and we at Scytl always make it a point to commemorate the day by looking inward and assessing how we can keep supporting and championing women, both in our company and in the tech industry at large. This year’s International Women’s day theme is “Embracing Equality.” As part of our ongoing Equality Plan, we remain committed to developing and enacting policies that integrate gender equality and equity into the work environment and ensure equal and engaging career opportunities for female talent.

Scytl remains a stand-out within the tech industry in regards to the representation of women on our teams. Currently, 41% of all Scytl employees are women, marking a continued increase from previous years and standing far ahead of the 28% industry average.

Infographic for International Women's Day showing that 41% of Scytl employees are women.
Infographic for International Women's Day showing that 46% of Scytl's managers are women.

We are also proud to report similar representation in leadership positions. 46% of Scytl’s managers are women, as is two-thirds of our executive committee, both defying the industry average of women comprising just 25% of leadership roles. These numbers are also evidence of our continued effort to encourage gender parity internally, with a 16-point increase in the percentage of female managers over the last five years, and a 10-point increase since 2022 alone.

At Scytl, we recognize the need to #EmbraceEquity, especially within the tech industry. The women on our team break past barriers every day, helping make us all better thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

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